Educational Opportunities

JC and The Redemption is not only an accomplished band, we also offer a wide range of educational opportunities, from presenting clinics to joint concerts with custom arrangements. We are a band full of music educators and we have a passion for teaching music.

We enjoy teaching the students what music is, how to work together and to exemplify what it means to be a musician. We aim to enrich the program that is already in place and help push the students to the next level.

We have something to offer for all programs, junior high to high schools from clinics, joint concerts, as well as individuals throughout the school year. We can can even be a part of a whole day camp!

A Jazz Retreat

We offer services to aid a complete jazz retreat for your program. In this type of setting, members of JC and The Redemption will be on hand all day to run rehearsals, sectionals and rehearse with the students throughout the day. This also includes a Q&A session with the bands to really allow students into the life of the musicians of JCR. We cap this day off with a joint rehearsal where the two (or more) bands have a combined rehearsal and then showcase their work in a combined concert.


We are available for just clincs as well! You can have one to as many of the members of JCR as you would like. We offer many different types of clinics, from sectionals to running rehearsals to "being a part of the band" and sitting along side the students! We can even work on your repitiore as well.

Joint Concerts

The joint concerts can be as interavtive as you want them to be. We offer custom arrangements to blend the bands together as one or we can sit in with your groups and play along and solo and be a part of your ensemble! These are really where the fruit of the labor is showcased, when the bands are together and the students really feel a part of the professionals!!

If you are interested in have JC and The Redemtion out to your school for a collaboration, please feel free to connect with us! We are very eager to be a part of the educational aspect as much as we can.

"The members of JC and The Redemption provide an outstanding musical experience grounded in solid educational standards and entertainment that will thrill students, parents, and audience members alike!" - Eric Loring, Band Director at Germantown Hills Middle School

"The Morton Jr. High Jazz Band and JC and the Redemption have developed a strong collaborative relationship that has significantly enriched our school’s jazz curriculum. We were honored to perform with JC and the Redemption at the Midwest Clinic. Through our preparation for the Midwest Clinic, JC members helped foster a culture where professional rehearsal etiquette became habit for the younger students. This of course yielded accelerated development of our student’s musical vocabulary and level of performance. The MJHS students didn’t just make great strides at musicians, the had a fun time in the process! Thank you JC and the Redemption for your investment in the MJHS Band Program! " - Katrina Fitzpatrick, Band Director at Morton Junior High School